Oct 20

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Something To Consider Before You Throw Away A Letter From The IRS…

There are two truths to consider when a taxpayer receives a letter from the IRS as the result of an erroneous or incomplete tax return. In this event, a taxpayer should take comfort in the fact that tax disputes involving the IRS are commonplace in modern society. Automated Collection Services, a core component of IRS activity, generates millions of demand letters on an annual basis. Thus, receiving an IRS collection letter does not transform an otherwise normal citizen into a societal outcast. After digesting this information, a taxpayer must also account for another simple truth. If a taxpayer suffers the misfortune of receiving an IRS collection letter, subsequent inaction will produce the least desirable outcome. If the collection letter was issued as the result of an erroneous return, the taxpayer should verify the actual existence of an error. Due to the sheer volume of tax returns processed on an annual basis, the IRS frequently issues collection letters due to a computation error by the agency. In the event that the taxpayer is at fault, the failure to address this tax debt can have serious consequences. If the IRS is unsuccessful in its effort to collect through voluntary means, the debtor taxpayer will be subject to involuntary acts that include invasive measures such as wage garnishment and property seizure. If you receive a letter from the IRS, do not throw it away! Read it carefully, weigh your options and act in a timely manner to avoid unnecessary repercussions.

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