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The attorneys at Batten & Beasley understand that nearly every business transaction, whether involving money, services or property, can have tax implications. Therefore, we provide tax legal counsel as an integral part of our business formation and transactional services. Our tax advice can help you reduce your potential tax liability on everything from the right form of business entity to the structure or timing of a particular transaction. Our Minnesota attorneys also provide legal assistance in obtaining federal and state non-profit tax status.

Batten & Beasley also represents individuals and businesses in tax disputes concerning the validity or amount of a tax. Our advice includes providing an assessment of available options in plain language that makes the complexities of the tax code understandable to our clients. We will also propose a practical course of action tailored to individual needs. In addition, Batten & Beasley tax attorneys provide representation in agency exams, administrative appeals, tax court and appeals to federal court, as well as similar processes on the state level.

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